4 Ways To Promote Your Drop Shipping Store

In late 2016, I started my very first drop shipping store online. It was a huge learning curve that I had to get over with quickly, but, like all things in life; once you put in the effort, you will see results start to come in.

My drop shipping journey, so far, has been successful.

My new drop shipping store now drives in nearly 4,000 visitors a month and makes about $600 a month with all my earnings being very close to being considered as “passive income.”

Ways To Promote Your Drop Shipping Store

Obviously, having 4,000 targeted visitors coming in your store and making purchases is great, but to me, that is just scratching the surface.

If I can get 4,000 visits, I can get 400,000 visitors and thus, my income will also increase. This all comes down to getting more traffic, so that is what I want to discuss today; ways to promote your drop shipping store online.

Now, while I have only been doing drop shipping for around two months at this point, I have been building websites and making money with them for the past five years, so I understand a thing or two about traffic and how and where to get it from.

The following tips will apply to everybody that is looking to get more traffic and promote their online properties; whether it may be a drop shipping store, a blog, a sales page, a forum or whatever; these tips are what I know works.

Now as always, I have to put a little disclaimer in here and tell you that this is what has worked for me. There might be 100s (and there is) of other ways you can promote your drop shipping store and also, the methods that work for me might not work for the industry you are operating in.

However, theses traffic generating techniques is what I have used to promote various stores and blogs in a variety of different niches, and this is what I have seen to work across the board.

Let’s take a look at these;

4 Ways To Promote Your DropShipping Store

As I said in my introduction, these are all my own ways of how I get traffic, and I will be using real-life pictures that give you proof these methods do work. As with everything, it all comes down to how much effort you put into this and what your goals are.

Let’s get into it.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have been marvellous to me, and it’s just a dream come true to every marketer trying to drive more traffic.

The things that I have seen happening for me, and for others that blog about their success with Facebook Ads, is truly magical and this is something I recommend everybody (at least) tries out.

Now you will need a budget for this, so if you have $0 then this might not be for you, but once you see the results I am getting with Facebook, you will see why I think they are such a huge deal and why I placed them first in these 4 ways to promote your drop shipping store.

This is what I am paying per click for my drop shipping store:

facebook ads

$0.01c a click! That is right; I am paying one single cent for every click that drives traffic to my jewellery store where I have a 300% to 400% markup on all items listed on the store.

As you can imagine, selling jewellery is quite profitable, and with such a low cost per click, it’s working like a charm.

How can you get the same results with Facebook Ads?

It all comes down to testing. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get to this point except just testing things out. I have ads that cost me $0.10 a click, and although that is still quite good for me, it can get quite expensive rather quickly if you plan on driving loads of traffic with Facebook Ads.

My secret to getting such low CPC is again; testing things out. Do not be afraid to fail and do not be scared to try things out just for the sake of “trying things out”. Now, I know this may not be very helpful to you just yet, so here are some ideas to help you get more out of Facebook Ads:

Have A Facebook Page For Your Store

This is something that every store needs and why not? It’s free to start, and it’s also a free traffic source that you can always use to promote your drop shipping store.

But, since we are talking about Facebook Ads, having a Facebook page to “shoot” out Ads from is vital (and it’s a necessity to use the Facebook Ads platform).

When you are promoting something via FB ads, you may be wanting people to click on the ads and go to your store, but an added benefit of this is that your page also appears along with the ads and (sometimes) people do like the page, even if they do not click the link.

Thus, when using FB Ads, you will not only be driving traffic to your store, but also; it will slowly increase your page subscribers, which may lead to more free traffic down the line (I will talk more about how to use social media for promotion further down).

Publish On Your Page First

An added benefit of having a Facebook Page with followers that are engaging with you is the fact that you can publish a post on there first before you even attempt to “boost it” with a Facebook Ad.

This all goes back to me being able to get clicks for $0.01c, and that’s because I only promote posts that have done well organically.

If you share a post organically, and it’s getting good organic reach and engagement, two things will likely happen;

You will know that that post is “popular”, thus you know if you open it up to a new audience, it’s likely to do well as well via FB Ads.

The second thing is that Facebook measures your cost per click depending on how well your audience is engaging, so if you have a post that already has engagements, you will instantly get lower price for your bids – thus, this is one of the reasons why I manage to get such low cost per click rates.

Is this making sense? Do you see how it all comes back full circle and how everything connects with each other?

That is the secret to my success with paid advertising, but let me give you another tip that will make sure you always make money with Facebook Ads.

Calculate How Much You Can Afford

One last trick about Facebook Ads that I would like to share with you is this; how to never lose money!

This, will take some time to get the mathematical formula correct but once you do, you land on a pot of gold that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

My method to lose money is this:

  • First I drive traffic to the store (with these hacks I am sharing with you)
  • I start making sales and then;
  • I see how much profit I made divided by the number of visitors I had.

This obviously requires a lot of data for it to work as well as I am telling you so you should aim to calculate this formula after you had around 1000 visitors to your store and some sales (whatever amount they may be).

Once you have those two metrics, see how much each visitor makes you (on average of course), and you should end up with a number in $.

My number, when I did my calculations was $0.15. Every customer that ever arrived on my drop shipping store is like I have made $0.15.

So, I can afford to spend on Ads lower than that, and yes, you can set a limit to how much you are willing to pay for a click.

In my example, I used $.10 as the maximum amount I would like to pay for a click so, in theory, I make $.05 off every visitor.

Now of course, I am paying $0.o1 per click so I’m very much “in budget” when it comes to this. I can now continue scaling up and opening up my ads to new countries and regions and I can also work on optimising my conversion rate, for instance; get my store to make $0.50 per visitor click.

Again, this requires a lot of data and testing so be patient with it, just know it works and it works very, very well!

SEO And Blogging

Another great way to promote your store is through the use of blogging and creating content for SEO purposes, which yes does require some skill to get you going.

Nobody was born a writer or an SEO expert so unfortunately, you will have to learn this step all by yourself – or with this training program I created for you.

Now, I have to warn you here that blogging and SEO are not a quick fix if you want to start doing sales quickly with your drop shipping store. If so, then go with my first tip; Facebook Ads.

This method (SEO) takes time, and when I say time; I mean months and even years to be able to get a great flow of traffic. Yes, it all depends on what industry you are working with, but my guess would be that it will take you quite a bit of time and effort to get your store “up there” with regards to SEO.

How To Do SEO For Dropshipping?

Dropshippers and eCommerce store owners struggle a lot with SEO because the system is built against them.

For example; Amazon dominates the search results for any product you may type into Google so good luck with trying to compete with such a huge brand with billions of dollars in advertising capital and an army of staff.

So, what is the solution?

Provide helpful content with a link from that content to your products. I will be taking my own example here to show you what I mean:

As you just found out, my drop shipping store sells jewellery, but to be more exact; I sell niche jewellery. A niche is a particular section of an industry, and you will find successes much quicker in a niche when it is narrowed down (for more on niches see here).

My strategy to get my store up and ranking with SEO was this;

I first built a blog around the subject, not the product.

Obviously, I got lucky here because this blog I am talking about is years old, so it had a lot of SEO power and visitors of its own. You may be thinking that well “you can’t do that”, but you’d be wrong.

In fact, I started my store, not on my already established blog, but independently outside of it (with a different domain too).

(This was a mistake, I’d much rather build a store on the blog itself but you live, and you learn.)

My tip to you is to start blogging and start blogging about the things that are related to your store. For instance, if your drop shipping store sells “yoga mats”, your content on the blog should look something like this:

  • “x benefits of yoga.”
  • “the best yoga mats for beginners.”
  • “thick yoga mats.”
  • “brown yoga mats.”

Those are just four examples that took me less than a second to come up with, and I can instantly turn those into individual blog posts – if you spend at least an hour doing keyword research and coming up with content ideas, you will have enough titles and angles to use to last a year!

Now, once you have these posts up, they will get ranked because you are not listing a product, but you are providing valuable information, so Google is going to love that. All is left to do now is to direct the traffic to your store’s products listings.

For example, the post “the best yoga mats for beginners” can feature 20 different yoga mats that you can link to on your store. This is already a good step forward, and it will get you traffic and sales – and do not forget; you can create posts like this over and over again.

Now, I know I just explained a complicated topic such as “eCommerce SEO” in just a few paragraphs so obviously there is more for you to know but what I have just told you is the whole step-by-step process in a nutshell. I would suggest you read this guide on SEO-ing your drop shipping store: How To SEO Your eCommerce Business.

Social Media

Right, moving on to social media, which yes; is a great way for you to promote your drop shipping store.

As of today, my social media for my drop shipping store involves three platforms; Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and combined, these 3 gets me around 40% of my overall traffic.

This is 100% free traffic; all I have to do is keep the updates flowing on these channels, which is where Buffer comes in handy.

Buffer is an online tool that lets you schedule social media postings in advance so I am never short of having products and content being shared. At the time of writing this, it’s the 14th of January 2016, and I have updates to go for the next three months.

Even if I do not do anything for the next three months, my social media is still working for me. Still driving traffic and hopefully still making me money.

This is the power of social media and the power of online businesses and drop shipping in general. There are so many ways you can scale and make money that it’s just mind-blowing and so easy to do if you understand these principles I am sharing with you today.

Email Marketing

Last but not least, I have to mention another way to promote your store, and that is; the highly talked about and debated method of email marketing.

Yes, email still works amazing well, and it does contribute to a lot of sales that happen online and not just for me; but for whoever knows how to use it well.

Like social media, I also schedule my emails in advance so, at this point in time, I have one month worth of updates that are already scheduled to go out once a week to my email list promoting my new store and promoting my recently added products.

The thing about email is that it does take time to grow a list that makes you money but there are hundreds of ways in which you can increase subscribers.

One thing that I have not done yet but I am thinking of doing for my store is offering a 10% one-time discount to whoever signs up.

Again, I am not sure how this will work, or even how to set it up but it goes to show that even if you are just starting out; if you just think outside the box, there are many ways in which you can make shit happen!

PS: I will definitely be trying this, and I will report on my results here so be sure to subscribe to my email list to see when I have some results and what they are.


In Closing

Thank you very much for reading this post about ways to promote your drop shipping store online.

I know this dragged on a bit and I am sorry for that, but this “drop shipping hustle” is something that I’ve just started exploring and have seen many benefits come out of it, so I am excited to be sharing this info “as I get it” with you all.

I have written other posts about drop shipping too, which you can see here:

I will also be writing more and more about this topic once I continue to go deeper and deeper and find new ways to not only promote your store, but how to find better products, how to increase your conversions and so on.

If you liked this post or you have any questions, be sure to leave them down in the comment section below, and I look forward to hearing from you.

As always, keep learning and start earning.

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