Niche = Needs ?

Why dropshipping? Well, for obvious reasons. I don’t touch any of the products. no inventory, no boxes in my garage or warehouse.

Which also means, I don’t need to invest tons of money to start up a business. Another advantage is that I am able to work from home. And so on and on. But there is more.

Some Students they chose dropshipping because it’s a fairly easy way to make some money. And it also allows me to test the market and different products. It’s also a great way to get more experience in running an online store and dealing with customers and customer service.

Eventually, I want to see what sells and then slowly scale my business. Slowly growing and growing. It’s a learning process. Not wrong with trial and error.

Picking a niche is very important to be able to run a successful dropshipping business, if not the most important thing. If I “pick the wrong niche”, I am screwed. Even the most perfect Shopify webshop and the best customer service will not get me a ton of sales. 
But “picking a niche” is not just it.

A niche is about selling specific products or services to a specific audience.

It’s more about what a specific group of people need. A niche is not about how cool or great the product is.

Any product can be great. Even a toothpick can be fantastic. Again, it’s about what people need. Because ‘need’ equals “market”.

Building an online store and fullfilling orders is the easy part. I need to focus more on targetting a specific market, and really see how big the demand for a certain product is. It’s fun playing with WordPress and Woocommerce, but I should be doing keyword research and market analysis over and over again. Is it even possible to pick a niche, without doing keyword research?

Got any tips? How do YOU pick a niche ?! Let me know!

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